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Use of Sekelbos
- Braai
- Potjie
- Indoor Heating
- Boma 

  sekelbos3The Sekelbos tree is a spiny deciduous tree that grows up to 3.5m in height in hot climates. Sekelbos wood is considered an invader species in South Africa. Sekelbos is a hard and dense wood with a low moisture content making it an excellent producer of braai-coals for the braai.


Sekelbos has a very distinct bushveld smell to it while burning. The smell of burning Sekelbos will be envied by your neighbors and make them want to join your braai. Sekelbos has natural scented oils which creates this distinct smell and the smoke from a Sekelbos fire enhances the flavour of the meat being braaied.


Sekelbos burn longer, hotter and releases far more energy than wood with a low density and moisture content. Thus, you can socialize longer around the fire with friends and family as the burning wood starts to produce braai coals. The coal from a Sekelbos fire is very hot and makes it an ideal fuel to braai steaks which requires a lot of heat. The coals from a Sekelbos fire also lasts very long and you can braai easily a second time on the coals.


Sekelbos_WoodAlthough slightly more expensive than other wood (Wattle and Bluegum), you will find that far less wood is used due to its denseness, hardness and dryness, therefore saving you money in the long term.

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