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Kameeldoring has a distinct reddish/orange colour inside with a thinner layer of whitish wood on the outside.

Hardekool has a distinct dark brown, almost black colour inside with a thinner layer of whitish wood on the outside.

Be alert to scamsters selling you "Snuifpeul" which has similar characteristics. Snuifpeul is a soft bushveld wood.

Kameeldoring and Hardekool are very hard and dense wood, making very hot, long lasting coals.
  kameeldoring3Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any well known braai wood as its baked by the African sun to between 0 to 1 % moisture content.  Unnaturally dried local wood usually ranges between 20 30% moisture which compared to Camel thorn is much more moist. This wood is extremely dry and heavy which is why it takes so long to burn and at such a high temperature. Other awesome facts include that it creates almost no smoke, has a natural musky fragrance, creates a large amount of hot burning coals and wastes no energy burning off the moisture.
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