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 Use of Black Wattle
- Braai
- Potjie
- Pizza Ovens
- Indoor Heating
- Boma

 Black_Wattle_FlowerBlackwattle has been introduced to many different parts of the world beside its native Australia. Black Wattle was introduced into South Africa as a source of firewood, charcoal and cheap building materials. But the species has subsequently been labeled an invasive species in many locales, displacing native vegetation. Although Black Wattle is an Alien Invasive Species, Acacia Mearnsii or Black Wattle is also an extremely useful tree.


Black Wattle trees flower into a mass of yellow which is replaced with seed pods that fall to the ground. On the ground the black wattle seeds from previous years (up to 50 years) forms a thick mulch awaiting a fire, which will germinate them. The ground will transform into a grass like carpet of black wattle seedlings. The Black Wattle seedlings grow rapidly upward competing for light and resulting in long straight wattle sticks. These grow into Wattle Trees and the Wattle Wood is then used as poles, posts and firewood.


Black Wattle is excellent for a braai as it produces a lot of heat with long lasting coals for a braai. The wood are quick and easy to ignite and tend to exude tremendous heat with less smoke. The smoke of the wood can really induce rich aromatic flavour to the food.

Black_Wattle_TreeBlack Wattle have the highest BTU content making it an excellent wood to warm up houses. Black Wattle burns completely and produces a tremendous amount of heat.
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