In South Africa we enjoy the social part of standing around the fire and chatting until the coals are ready for the braai. 



Undoubtedly, using a wood fire makes the best braai. Not only does it have a distinct bushveld smell to it while burning, but the wood also adds flavour to the meat, which gas or briquette fires don't do. 




BraaiBargain Braai Supplies has depots in Johannesburg and Vereeniging. Bargain Braai Supplies provides a wide range of quality braai and barbeque products such as firelighters, charcoal, briquettes, braai and firewood. Bargain Braai Supplies has become a household brand name in braaiing and warming houses. We provide top quality products at affordable prices.Family_Braai


Bargain Braai Supplies services both the top and lower end of the consumer market. Our products are supplied to major retail supermarkets as well as smaller supermarkets, garages, forecourts, butchers, hardware stores and outdoor stores. 









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